Friday Jambalaya: American Gods, Hamilton, Ghostbusters and Genghis Khan

That title sounds like the set up for a very strange joke...

It’s March and the Moose have links for you!

  1. We got our first proper trailer for the Ghostbusters reboot! Reactions here.
  2. Cool casting news for both The Dark Tower and American Gods.
  3. Miike Snow’s new album is released today, which gives us the excuse to share this awesome music video.
  4. World Book Day was yesterday!
  5. Plenty of lit festivals and conferences are working to add diversity to their programming, but this past weekend marked the first UK festival for writers of color!
  6. The Tenth Doctor and Donna are up to new hijinks.
  7. Celebrate the baby steps! Super heroine toys!
  8. The casting notices for Hamilton in Philly have a little extra diversity. Check out the notices for Washington and Aaron Burr, maybe not ‘sir’.
  9. Here’s some useful pointers on how to tell if you’re in a Viking Saga. Just in case you were worried about it.
  10. And finally, if you haven’t had a chance yet to check out our Complete Game Night and MoosePlay for Sheriff of Nottingham,  go check out our board game shenanigans.