Friday Jambalaya: Destroying SciFi, Pluto’s Replacement and Octarine

in a good way

She's coming back! All together now: UNBREAKABLE!

It’s Friday everyone!

  1. The brilliant Lightspeed Magazine is currently running a Kickstarter for their People of Color Destroy Science Fiction edition. Their updates are fantastic personal essays. Go. Read. Now.
  2. The Critic’s Choice Awards were last weekend! Look how much Fury Road won! And the Moose squee to see Master of None and Andre Braugher walk away with awards.
  3. There’s a petition to name one of four additions to the periodic table after Terry Pratchett’s color of magic. You can sign here 🙂
  4. Despite generally being Marvel loyalists, this is an interesting choice of setting for the Wonder Woman movie. 1
  5. In Netflix news, Jessica Jones is getting a second season, and Kimmy Schmidt returns April 15th.
  6. So the guys who said Pluto wasn’t a planet anymore may have found a new ninth planet in our solar system.
  7. Writer Truths.
  8. Obligatory: There’s a new Suicide Squad trailer.23
  9. And, of course, Aladdin isn’t actually a story from the Thousand and One Arabian Nights. That just figures…
  10.  Legendary science fiction and fantasy editor David G. Hartwell passed away this week. He wore fantastic ties.


  1. I want to like Wonder Woman and am afraid this movie will be terrible. But period costumes! — Hanna
  2. What did Freddie Mercury do to deserve this? — Clarice
  3. Though, the editing must have been fun. — Clarice