Friday Jambalaya: Alison Brie, Greg Berlanti & a Fond Farewell to Gene Wilder

Or, A Deluge of Superhero Shows, A Lovely Game About Herbs & A Show About Wrestling!

And, once more, it’s Friday! This week we had the latest update in Cole’s Trekification and a wonderful guest post from the Auntie Moose about portrayals of legal practices in popular media!

And, of course, there are links!

  1. Alison Brie is set to star in a new Netflix show and we’re pretty excited about it!
  2. A helpful breakdown of all the comic book shows coming your way this fall.
  3. Speaking of superhero shows, Greg Berlanti is adding yet another one to his resume!
  4. Moulin Rouge is getting adapted into a stage musical.
  5. Both Dark Matter and Killjoys were renewed for third seasons by SyFy.
  6. Which Star Trek captain is the best?
  7. In the comic book world we’re getting Wonder Woman teamed up with the Bionic Woman.
  8. A new study says: make your kitty work for their food!
  9. Herbaceous, a lovely and simple card game currently over on Kickstarter!
  10. And, of course, rest in peace Gene Wilder.