Friday Jambalaya: A Very Happy 50th Anniversary to Star Trek!

Star Trek, Star Trek and, you guessed it, a little more Star Trek!

Yesterday was the 50th anniversary of the phenomenon that is Star Trek. As such, the internet rather exploded with articles and links of all kinds celebrating the iconic and groundbreaking show and the Moose decided to gather a bunch of them up for a special, entirely Star Trek themed Friday Jambalaya!

For more of our thoughts on Star Trek check out Cole’s Trekification and the Impolite Conversation for Star Trek Beyond.

And now, the links!

  1. Looking for a Trek themed board game? Well, have you heard of Star Trek Panic?
  2. Star Trek: Discovery is going to have a whole bunch of awesome tie in media!
  3. Don’t know Trek? That’s okay! Here’s a helpful guide of where and how to test the vast franchise waters.
  4. One perspective on why Star Trek is so important.
  5. A personal essay on Star Trek and Queerness.
  6. A reminder why Star Trek was so revolutionary when it first aired fifty years ago.
  7. Not one, but two beautiful articles on Star Trek from Uncanny Magazine .
  8. A defense of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine as the best of the franchise.
  9. The real world impact of Uhura and Sulu.
  10. And, lastly, a reminder on what Star Trek must commit to as it moves boldly into new territory.