Friday Jambalaya: A Piecast, A Month of Letters and Dutch Eagles

We’ve done a lot of things related to the game Dead of Winter this week: our play through, Complete Game Night and an interview with the artist. Check those out if you haven’t yet!

Now on to the Jambalaya!

  1. Whether you’re a fan or not, science fiction and fantasy owe a lot to Ursula K. LeGuin, so this is awesome.
  2. Cole’s been following the second season of Agent Carter for Killer Moose, so here’s a neat look at the visual effects of season one.
  3. It’s February! Which means month of letters is going. Send a letter or a postcard or a picture. It’s a positive force in the world.
  4. The excellent artist behind our Idols of Geekdom series is a founder of the ASoIaF Fire and Lunch Piecast. And they did their speculation ‘cast for season 6!
  5. I’ll just leave these Ghostbusters pics here
  6. Author Pat Rothfuss has Valentine’s cards for you (along with Neil Gaiman’s advice for seducing writers).
  7. The Dutch are training eagles to catch drones. Not kidding.
  8. Hail, Caesar!
  9. The Globe brought a performance of Hamlet to a refugee camp in France. It’s cool. It’s heartbreaking.
  10. Video games are beautiful.