Friday Jambalaya: A Homecoming, Star Trek Rumors & Jedi Puppies

Plus some news on Batfleck, Kevin Keller and a bit of Allomancy.

Another week down as we blast through April. Have some links ease yourself towards the weekend!

  1. Let’s start with something adorable, shall we? Jacob Tremblay named his new puppy after a Star Wars character!
  2. We’ve got a new board game coming our way, based on Moose favorite, Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson.
  3. And there’s an awesome superhero novel on its way this summer.
  4. Some poor choices (to put it lightly) were made in the Sleepy Hollow season three finale.
  5. Thor: Ragnarok lost Natalie Portman but gained Tessa Thompson.
  6. In other Marvel news, Iron Fist casts its villain and the new Spider-Man movie finally has a name!
  7. Kevin Keller, gay character from Archie Comics is getting his own new solo series!
  8. Someone put together a really cool compilation of the first and last frames of tv series. Obvious spoiler warning!
  9. There will apparently be a solo Batman film and Ben Affleck will be directing it.
  10. And finally, here is some new information and some rumors about the new Star Trek show!