Friday Jambalaya: A Crystal Gem Love Story, Harriet Tubman & Mrs. Peel Meets Batman

Batman would totally fall for Emma Peel, try to woo her as Bruce Wayne & she would have none of it.

It’s Friday and the Killer Moose have spent the week roaming the wild of Geekdom and Nerdery to gather the best news and updates of the week!

  1. It was a big week for casting announcements so let’s get those out of the way right away, shall we? The Expanse cast a new character, Spider-Man: Homecoming added two more to its line up as did Iron Fist!
  2. Speaking of superheroes, ABC and Sundance have a fascinating superhero show coming our way in June.
  3. In case you missed the hubbub this week, Harriet Tubman is replacing Andrew Jackson on the twenty dollar bill.
  4. In the world of comics we’re getting a new American Vampire anthology and Mrs. Peel is going to meet Batman in a Batman ’66/Avengers crossover!
  6. We’re always looking for books with more diversity here at Killer Moose. We were very happy to find this list of awesome Science Ficiton/Fantasy books with asexual protagonists.
  7. There are so many amazing things planned this summer for the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death!
  8. We’ve got three awesome articles for you too: one about the importance of the Death Star, a second on how competent female characters still aren’t allowed to save the day and a third on figuring out your own writing process!
  9. The Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett collaboration Good Omens might be headed for the screen?!
  10. And finally, so you can start planning your Fall TV schedule, here’s a list of the 2016 Fall TV pilots, sorted by network for your convenience!