February Kickstarter Board Game Roundup

Dispatches from the Board Game Trenches

Since 2009, there have been over twenty thousand game projects launched on Kickstarter, with almost seven thousand of them successfully securing funding. A significant number of those projects were tabletop games, and with scores of new campaigns being launched every week, keeping track of them all can be a daunting task. Fortunately, Killer Moose has you covered.

Each month, the vast assortment of crowdfunding campaigns will be sifted down to a handful of projects you might have otherwise missed out on. Ranging from the cute to the bizarre, as long as it’s noteworthy and looks like fun, we’ll cover the spectrum. So whether you’re new to gaming or a grizzled veteran, here’s what’s out there for February 2016.

Dirigible Disaster by Letiman Games

Dirigible Disaster

How much can go wrong in a minute? Oh, everything.

A real time, cooperative board game of strategy and mayhem, Dirigible Disaster is on course for a glorious adventure, 10 minutes at a time. The players work together as the crew of The Dirigible, averting emergencies to ensure the airship’s maiden flight reaches its destination. Unfortunately, the airship is headed for disaster. During the course of a single minute, players must put out fires, replace broken cogs, and regulate the output of steam, all while safeguarding passengers from harm.

Before each round begins, players roll a set of five colored dice and allocate the corresponding disaster cubes to their designated areas. With twelve locations spread amongst three floors, there’s a lot of ground to cover. When the round begins, players take turns moving throughout the airship, attempting to remove disasters and maintaining the steam pressure so you all don’t crash and burn. The bad news is each player only has one action they can take during their turn. The good news is players can take as many turns as possible as gameplay rotates around the table, for a minute. This happens ten times. It doesn’t get any easier. When the minute ends, the remaining disasters spread and new disasters are added.

I love co-op games, especially ones that encourage communication. Without working together as a team, there is no possible way anyone can survive the onslaught of impending doom. At $29, Dirigible Disaster is set up to be a fast paced frenzy of a game. It looks quick to learn, simple to set up, and the game’s peppy, audio file timer may end up haunting my nightmares forever.

Dirigible Disaster by Letiman Games

Players: 2 – 5

Skill Level: Beginner

Base Pledge: $29

Project Ends: February 11th, 2016

Ship Date: Estimate September 2016


Fabulous Beasts by Sensible Object

Fabulous Beasts

What sort of a sick, twisted mind would do this? I don’t even… Ooo! Look, it’s a bear!

Full disclosure, I’m terrible at stacking games. Their simplicity taunts me, yet still captivates my need to build great towers of things. Fabulous Beast preys upon all that is wonderful and infuriating about stacking oddly shaped objects on top of each other. It looks so simple, until the entire thing begins tilting to the left and everyone is trying not to breath. Add in the god game and world building aspects with the accompanying app, and you start to realize Fabulous Beasts is something a bit more than you’d expect from your average stacking game.

The objective of Fabulous Beasts is to cooperatively populate a world with beasts, maintaining their happiness while accumulating fabulous points and adding more beasts. The app keeps track of points, and lets the players know when any of the beasts grow jealous of the newly added fabulousness. Let a beast grow too jealous and they become extinct, which is not fabulous at all. The game ends when all the pieces are on the platform or when the tower falls, and it will fall. The player who knocked it over has five seconds to get all the pieces back on the platform or the game is over.

Fabulous Beasts is pricey. The Core Edition runs approximately $85, but includes twenty-two objects, the platform to stack them all upon, and the app. Given the number of objects, and the limitless ways they can interact with each other through the app, no two games of Fabulous Beasts should be alike. The creators are even offering a Makers Edition for $112, allowing owners to create their own beasts and tinker with the play mechanics. This game has a lot of potential, and is ripe for expanded content with additional pieces and modes of play. Do yourself a favor and check this one out. It really is pretty fabulous.

Fabulous Beasts by Sensible Object

Players: 2+ but solo play may be an eventual game mode

Skill Level: Beginner

Base Pledge: $85

Project Ends: February 25th, 2016

Ship Date: Estimate November 2016

7th sea

7th Sea: Second Edition

*Inaudible squealing and flailing*

I discovered 7th Sea at a point in my life where I was absolutely burnt out on everything dungeons, dragons, and d20’s. Tabletop RPGs had become monotonous, with far too much stat crunching and far too little actual role playing. Games are supposed to be fun, and when that fun disappears, what you once loved becomes a tedious and routine chore. 7th Sea helped rekindle my passion for gaming, not just as a player, not just as a GM, but as a storyteller.

And it’s been a dead title for years.

That changed in November when the rights were sold back to 7th Sea’s creator, John Wick. Soon it became clear we were returning to 7th Sea, with John making two promises: There would be no d20s, and there would be no aliens. At its heart, 7th Sea is a game about swashbuckling heroics. Think of it as a way for everyone to be Errol Flynn or the Dread Pirate Roberts, where attempting outlandish things are not only encouraged, they’re also rewarded.

Now here’s the thing. I wish I could go in depth about the details of 7th Sea: Second Edition’s  system and setting, but I can’t. The Kickstarter Campaign starts on February 2nd, so what little I know is entirely based on John Wick’s Facebook and mailing list. Does the man make awesome games? Yes. Am I biased? Yes. Will I be Kickstarting this? Yes. Will this be all I talk about, annoying everyone I know? Probably.

As soon as I have links, you’ll have links, so stay tuned.