December Kickstarter Roundup

Serious question though: How is it already December? Where did the year go?!

December is here! Yes, it is true, the last month of 2016 has arrived and the Moose are here to give you the last of our Kickstarter roundups for the foreseeable future! We’re going to be discontinuing this feature going into the New Year to make room for other exciting and nerdy ideas we’ve got lined up! But! There’s still one more to go. For December’s roundup we’ve got two fantastic and inventive graphic novels plus a fun and fast card game!

Let’s do this, shall we?


Soviet Daughter: A Graphic Revolution


A graphic memoir by comics artist Julia Alekseyeva, Soviet’s Daughter details the life of Alekseyeva’s great-grandmother, Lola, her life in Soviet Ukraine and the events she witnesses throughout her long life, including two world wars.

Due to be published in January if the campaign is successful, Soviet’s Daughter offers a unique point of view into history within a unique medium. Graphic novels are a powerful medium for storytelling and a perfect way to bring Lola’s journey to life on the page!

Base Pledge: $15

Project Ends: December 9th, 2016


Harriet Tubman: Demon Slayer


Blending history and supernatural action, Harriet Tubman: Demon Slayer by David Crownson looks absolutely fantastic! The artwork by Courtland Ellis, Joey Vazquez, N Steven Harris  and John Broglia is gorgeous and the story is described as a merger of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Django Unchained and Mad Max: Fury Road. That’s certainly a combination that piqued our interest!

Base Pledge: $15 (Digital), $25 (Print)

Project Ends: December 29th, 2016




Designed to be fast-paced, Tricksters is a card game for both casual and strategic players for one to four players (though it is expandable up to eight players).

The heart of the game is simple: you want to collect only dark or only light energy. The more you cross over, the farther away you get from winning. This is achieved by deciding upon which type of Annukah (the game’s creatures) you favor round to round. The mechanics are straightforward, the theme is simple but fun and the artwork is utterly stunning.

Base Pledge: $19

Project Ends: December 16th, 2016