Complete Geek Night: Autumn

He who controls the pumpkin spice controls Hell itself. The pumpkin spice must *NOT* flow. ... ... (yes, that was a tortured attempt at a Dune reference, and I kind of hate of myself for it) ... (but not enough to change this subheading)

Hello! Welcome! Grab a cup of cider — hold the pumpkin spice — and let’s talk about autumnal geekiness!

In the past we’ve focused the Complete Game Nights on a single board-game-themed night. Alas, those were time consuming posts to do. So we’ve decided to try doing some seasonal themed ones.

Let’s start out with a libation! (You didn’t think we leave you with just plain cider, did you?)


“Apple Sidecar”

Clarice’s Note: In case anyone is wondering, a traditional sidecar is made from cognac, Cointreau, and fresh lemon. I decided to modify it with some Applejack and an extra boost of citrus. Because what’s more autumnal than apples?


What you’ll need:

Laird’s Applejack (or your favorite apple brandy)

Triple Sec

1 fresh lemon

1 apple (pick medium tart baking variation like honeycrisp)

1 orange

1 tblspn. sugar


Muddle about half of an apple (sliced and chunked to make it easier) + quarter of a lemon + quarter of an orange + sugar.

Add ice, and pour in your apple brandy and triple sec.

Shake thoroughly. Strain into glasses of ice.

Squeeze a slice of fresh orange over the top and drop in for garnish!


Ah, good! That’s better, isn’t it?

Now in order to balance that we’ve got a slight variant on this recipe that we tried. It’s simple, and delicious with a bit of bread and cheese on the side. (But then, when is anything made worse by a bit of bread and cheese on the side?)


Singed Sausages w/ Apples

What you’ll needimg_0776

Maple+Apple Chicken Sausage

Apples (3ish)

Mixed Greens

2 tbsp White Wine Vinegar

¼ cup White Wine

Olive Oil


Heat the oil and add the chopped apples. Cook until they’ve got a little bit of color.

Add the sausage, and saute for another few minutes (if it’s precooked – cook through if not). Add the white wine and vinegar, and simmer into a sauce.

Add salt and pepper to your taste. Serve over greens.



Now we’ve got a few more recommendations for you, and naturally some are board games.

We’re not super fans of Arkham Horror around these moose parts, but ’tis the season. So if that’s your jam, go forth! and struggle vainly against the forces of madness!

If, however, you’d like a little more of a chance against those forces of madness (and perhaps a game that will resolve one way or the other in under three hours) we suggest Elder Sign.

Elder Sign is a Lovecraftian themed game with monsters and dice aplenty. A group of variously equipped adventurers try to defeat the forces of evil without losing their lives, sanity, or ending the world. It’s got a Yahtzee-esque mechanic, and different combinations of dice are used to beat different rooms and monsters. It’s cooperative, and runs about an hour to an hour and a half.

Another suggestion is to pull out Mysterium (which is a moose favorite — we already did a whole Complete Game Night for it!)  

And if that’s not enough, we also got a new edition of Fury of Dracula last year.

Hanna Note: Fury of Dracula is a game I wish we could get on the table more! We learned it, but I haven’t had much chance to try it out — so I can’t recommend or comment beyond saying that it looks awesome, and was fun the one time we played! 



If you’re going to be getting together for a geek night eventually you might want to sit down and watch a movie instead. Depending on when it is you could certainly watch either Addams Family film. The first is a perfect Halloween movie, and we all know Addams Family Values is a Thanksgiving classic. You could always pick up a classic silent film like Nosferatu or The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, or maybe you could do as Cole & Clarice did recently and watch fall leaves drop through a roof for no reason in Crimson Peak.

Who doesn’t love silent German surrealist cinema??

Though if you want a perfect autumn movie, Brad says there’s really only one best choice.

Princess Mononoke never seems more wonderful than when it’s cold and breezy out, when the leaves are falling to the ground. It just seems to whisper to you about what happens when things are slowly coming to an end. Not really that much of a subtext, nearly every character or location in this film is on the verge of dying. But when you’re under a blanket watching Prince Ashitaka trying to convince everyone not to kill each other, you remember what a genius Miyazaki is.

Not to mention Princess Mononoke has the best drinking game ever: 1) Drink every time someone tells Ashitaka to ‘go away and never come back 2) Drink every time Ashitaka says he has come to ‘see with eyes unclouded by hate’.

Ashitaka (Billy Crudup) and San (Claire Danes) in Hayao Miyazaki's "Princess Mononoke".Miramax FilmsPhoto/Art by:Unknown Photographer


That’s it! Enjoy the autumn, awesome nerds!