Complete Game Night: Sheriff of Nottingham

Chicken and Cheese and Apples and Bread. And bourbon!

It’s springtime in the greenwood!

We know it’s still winter technically, but the weather this season has been bizarre and doesn’t bear thinking about. So let us all adjourn to merry olde England with Sheriff of Nottingham. This snappy game of smuggling, bluffing and strategic truth-telling is a good one for gamers and non-gamers alike. You can find our Moose Play here.

And given that you spend most of the game trying to play food cards into your market, this one offers a lovely direction for our themed drinks and dinner.


Apple Cider Old-Fashioned

IMG_2767What you’ll need:

1 oz. bourbon (or whatever your favorite whisky is)

2 oz. apple cider

1 tsp. sugar

Angostura Bitters

1 orange



What you need to do:old fashioned bitters

Put your tsp. of sugar in the bottom of a glass, and add a couple dashes of the Angostura bitters.

Traditionally you’d be muddling with a sugar cube, but sugar cubes are surprisingly hard to come by. So if you don’t have sugar cubes, just use a barspoon (or whatever) to mix granulated sugar and the bitters together into a orange-y powder-mush (we use very technical terminology here clearly…) 

Then add ice.

IMG_2833Pour your bourbon and your apple cider over the ice.

Stir loosely (essentially you want to avoid chipping the ice)

Take a slice of orange and run it around the inner rim of the glass. Squeeze a bit of the juice on top, and then go ahead and drop the slice into the drink as a garnish.

Voila! A delicious cider old-fashioned!




Now, with one in hand, let’s move to dinner. Frankly, it might be easier to grab make a chicken and serve it with sliced apples, good bread and cheese, but we like to make things complicated here at Killer Moose. And delicious. This may not be the classiest looking dinner, but it is scrumptious!


Chicken Apple Grilled Cheese (on Bread)
Don’t forget the butter!

What you’ll need:

Chicken breast (or chicken tenders)  

1 or 2 apples (a tarter variety works great; we used honeycrisp)

Your favorite cheese (we enjoy sharp cheddar + apple-smoked gruyere)

Your favorite bread (we use a thick-sliced farmer’s bread)


slicesWhat to do:

Cook the chicken. Shred the chicken.

Slice the apples and the cheese into thin strips (see picture)

Construct your sandwiches by buttering the outside of the bread, then alternating slices of cheese for the first layer.

Once you’ve got your cheese, layer in the apples and chicken.

Finally throw on some extra cheese to help hold it together, and top with another slice of buttered bread.

Cook to golden perfection.

Flip without destroying the sandwich.



Enjoy! And then seriously, repeat.


On to the details, darlings!

We suggest the soundtrack for the game Stronghold as a soundtrack for playing Sheriff of Nottingham. It’s just the right blend of merry medieval, peasant labor and ominous overlord. It adds to the feeling that you’re in a scene just off the main camera of Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

If you’re looking for games to pair with Sheriff of Nottingham — the recommendation depends on the night you’re looking for. Coup is a good warmup for bluffing, straight faces and cutthroat exchanges. But if you’re picking Sheriff of Nottingham up because you’re playing with non-gamers, then you can never go wrong with Toc-Toc Woodman. Frankly, that’s just a standard recommended opener on Killer Moose.

Sheriff is light enough that you could use it for an opener as well. In which case, you can go from one set of English mythology to another by picking up Shadows Over Camelot.


Here’s the condensed version:

The Game: Sheriff of Nottingham

The Drink: Apple Cider Old-Fashioned

The Food: Chicken Apple Grilled Cheese (on Bread)

The Background Music: Stronghold soundtrack

Other Games: Coup / Toc-Toc Woodman / Shadows Over Camelot