Complete Game Night: Castle Panic

No one should put us in charge of a castle. Seriously.

The Spanish Panic! *starts to dance*

Um. No. Hold on. Castle Panic.

This month’s game is Castle Panic from Fireside Games and man, oh man, does it earn the name. This cooperative romp with orcs and trolls looks adorable and cuddly… right up until Round 2.

Now before you get the all panicking, why not grab a glass of our Fancy Grog:


Grog’s Fancy Grog

Fun note from Clarice: Traditionally speaking, grog was a basic Royal Navy drink of rum and water. Adding citrus (lime or lemon) came into fashion in part to help sweeten the drink, but also because when a bunch of British sailors are drinking, fighting off scurvy is useful! For a more modern twist on the concept many people started playing with grapefruit juice and soda water. So I decided to play with a bit of it all.

IMG_3999What you’ll need:

1.5 oz. Grapefruit vodka

1.5 oz. White rum

1 oz. orange juice

San Pellegrino Limonata

1 orange


What to do:IMG_4052

Fill a rocks glass with ice

Pour the vodka, rum and orange juice over the ice

Use a bar spoon to mix the liquor (ideally without breaking up the ice too much)

Top off with the Limonata

Garnish with slices of orange!



Once you have your fizzy (and delicious) drink, it’s time to think about dinner! We’re recommending a Shepherd’s Pie for the evening.


Killer Moose Shepherd’s Pie1

castle panicWhat you’ll need:

Ground Beef

Onion (diced)


Potatoes (peeled and cubed)

Milk and butter

Spices (salt, pepper, paprika, red pepper flake)

Optional: Carrots2


Start boiling potatoes in large pot (And if you’re using frozen peas, now is the time to defrost those!)

Meanwhile… sauté your onions. Add the ground beef, and spice to your heart’s content.

Once the potatoes are tender, drain them. Proceed to mash them into potato oblivion, adding butter & milk liberally (the creamier the better!)

Preheat the oven to 400.

Transfer the beef & onion mix to a baking dish… Layer the peas on top of that… Then cover all of it with your creamy mashed potatoes.

Bake until the tips of the mashed potatoes start to get crispy brown (10-15 minutes usually works)

Serve as elegantly as you are able.


Sip your Fancy Grog and nom your Shepherd’s Pie — probably before you enjoy your game of Castle Panic.

Now, let’s talk gaming details. It’s hard to beat the Stronghold soundtrack for any medieval themed games. It’s just so perfect. But! The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring Original Soundtrack is also great. It starts with the merry Hobbit theme and then gets darker and more epic, which works really well for this game.

As to openers… Enter the Dungeon gives you a nice taste of competitive monster-battling before you all team up to defend your castle. One could even make a story of it, and have Castle Panic as the revenge for a successful game of Enter the Dungeon. On the other side of things is Boss Monster. This can get a little longer, and the manual is rather… incoherent… but once you get the hang of it, building dungeons to ensnare adventurers is just wonderful.

And… if you start to feel like Castle Panic isn’t as panicky as it once was, there are two excellent expansions to make everything terrible again. Which is awesome.

kitty castle panic
there is also a chance you may draw unwanted kitty monsters to the board…

Here’s the condensed version:

The Game: Castle Panic

The Drink: Fancy Grog

The Dinner: Shepherd’s Pie

The Music: Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring Soundtrack

Other Games: Castle Panic expansions / Enter the Dungeon / Boss Monster


That’s another Complete Game Night! Check out our other Complete Game Nights and our Moose Play: Castle Panic.


  1. No shepherds were injured in the making of this pie.
  2. We know that for a more traditional Shepherd’s Pie, one uses carrots. But Clarice hates cooked carrots. So we’re not using them. Cooking is awesome that way.