Rogue One: Scum and Villainy

December 19, 2016

Last weekend we got an early present of Star Wars for the holidays, as it seems will now happen every year until the heat death of the universe. And this year […]


Building Better Horror

October 5, 2016

  “THE OCTOBER COUNTRY …that country where it is always turning late in the year. That country where the hills are fog and the rivers are mist; where noons go quickly, […]

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Penny Thoughts

September 12, 2016

Penny Dreadful was a three season Showtime costume drama pulling together many beloved proto-fantasy and horror stories into one delicious stew of Victorian streets, well spoken dramatic lines, and questionable plot […]

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We Need Stranger Things

July 18, 2016

Right now I’m supposed to be writing the next instalment of Bad Movies with Brad. I’m really excited to do that as I think it’s going to be a pretty good […]


The Star Spangled Man

May 5, 2016

Hanna is once more joined by her imaginary friend Theresa as she chats about Captain America in the MCU before Civil War comes out! Hanna: Hello! Theresa: Hi. Hanna: We’re supposed […]


Why Don’t You Make Up Your Own?

April 19, 2016

Jae joins us to talk about RPGs, inspiration, growing up in the 80s, storytelling and BADD.  I blame The Hobbit. So does my mother, but that’s besides the point. Growing up, […]


The Spider’s War is Ended

April 13, 2016

In which Hanna and her imaginary friend Theresa chat about the final installment of Daniel Abraham’s fabulous fantasy series The Dagger and The Coin. You can find some other thoughts on […]

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Game of Thrones: Hope Springs Eternal

March 30, 2016

Game of Thrones returns to HBO on April 24th. If you’re a fan, go check out our artist Jenny’s many wonderful GoT fan art pieces. Seriously. She’s amazing.   Valar Morghulis, […]


The Spider’s War is Upon Us

March 8, 2016

In which I (Hanna) and myself (Theresa) talk about Daniel Abraham’s The Dagger and Coin series. We’ve also talked about Helldivers and Brandon Sanderson. We stay better on topic this time. […]

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